Sunday, November 9, 2014


Sandy's fire-works are Tonight but first I have to go through the day. First breakfast then get dressed and brush my teeth and play until its time to go to the A&P show. When we got there we went on a bouncy castle. I did flips, barrel rolls dives and all sorts of other crazy stuff. Then Dylan and I played pen the sheep. We got 48 seconds but the fastest time was 4 and a half seconds. Then we went to see our Nana. Then I went and shot a machine gun. I had heaps of fun. Then we went to the Fire-works. Its time for the fire-works get in the car and lets go. At the fire-works the first thing I did was play with some rugby balls we brought. Then I met some other kids who played with us. Then we all drank a can of mountain dew and then I started running around crazy with Dylan and Derek. Then we played a hunting game. We had to catch poaches who were taking our deer. The game took about one hour and a half. Then Travis and I started a new game. It was really fun. Until every body started to annoy us until pudding time and then there was a lolly scramble which gave us time to play with out them. Now the fire works were starting. We also had sparklers with the fire-work siesta.